Good bye SXSW

An unbelievable week of absolute madness and pretty much no sleep. This was my first experience at SXSW, which took me on like a tornado that swept me off my feet. It was a full on week of un/official underground parties, surprise guest performances, Bill Murray dancing on bar tops, bands, more bands and lots of tacos! Its hard to really explain how intense and amazing the week was. I met some incredible people and met some great artists.

After the final day of the  SXSW Music festival, Austin transformed and the place was like a ghost town. Sunday was literally our day of rest as the dust settled for those of us who partied through until sunrise. There was a farewell dinner at the Moonshine and reminisce over the laughs we had over the week with new friends.

My hope was to capture my SXSW experience to give you an insight. Next stop…Toronto!

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